Friday, April 2, 2010

AL Central Preview and Prediction

Moving on to the AL Central, just a few weeks ago, I thought that this division would belong to the Twins without any question, the Joe Nathan injury has brought some doubt to the division, however. I'm interested to see what the new home park does for the Twins as well.

Speaking of injuries to closers, Kerry Wood could be out for a while as well which doesn't bode well for the Indians, and he was one of the few good players on Cleveland.

Kansas City is still Kansas City, so the big question there might be which of the two, KC and Cleveland, end up at the bottom of the division.

Detroit has the makings of a good team, but they haven't been able to do anything since their meltdown in the World Series a few seasons ago. With some questions in the Minnisota bullpen, however, Detroit should definitely be in the running for the division.

Chicago has a pretty decent team as well, and will have Peavy for a full season to top their rotation. They have some pretty good young bats and should also compete throughout the year for the division crown.

Detroit Tigers

Minnisota Twins

Chicago White Sox

Kansas City Royals

Cleveland Indians

Tomorrow we move into the National League, beginning with the West!

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