Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday we previewed the AL WEST, today we move onto the AL CENTRAL.

Last year, the White Sox won the division coming from behind by winning a one game playoff against the Twins. Both the Tigers and Indians had disappointing seasons as both were favorites to compete for the division and a lot of people (full disclosure time, including myself) had the Tigers in the World Series.

The Indians ended up with a much better second half then first half, even after trading their superstar pitcher CC Sabathia to the Brewers. In the offseason, they have gotten much better (especially due to the addition of two former Cubs, Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa).

The Tigers have an offense that can be spectacular, but their pitching, especially in the bullpen, has been very questionable. If their starting rotation can become healthy, it can once again be a strength for this team, and unlike a lot of people, I think that last year was an aberration and that the Tigers will once again compete this year. (I'll be seeing them in their third game of the year this season in Toronto, so I'll have a better idea about them after seeing them in person.)

The Twins and White Sox have each taken steps back (and the White Sox overextended themselves last year anyway) and the Royals are still the Royals, although they have a young team that might be a little fun to watch, although expecting them to pull a Tampa Bay Rays might be a little premature.


Cleveland 90-72
Detroit 87-75
Minnesota 80-82
Kansas City 76-86
Chicago 72-90

Tomorrow will be the AL EAST.

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