Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cubs Baseball on WGN Tonight and other thoughts

You read that right! Cubs baseball returns to WGN tonight with a split squad (meaning that only half the club is making the trip as the other half played the Indians and Woody and DeRo earlier today) matchup against the cross town rival White Sox! I am very happy to get to see Cubs baseball on television once again as the last time wasn't so happy. (Game 3 of the NLDS against LA if you must know).

Also, yesterday marked the release of this years slate of MLB video games including MLB 09 The Show (available on PlayStation 2, 3, and Portable) and MLB 2K9 available on pretty much everything. I was going back and forth on which to purchase (as I have both a XBOX 360 and a PS3). MLB The Show is supposedly the better game (and I don't have many games for the PS3 as it is mainly my Blu Ray player), but 2K9 on the 360 has the ability to continuously update the rosters with any signings or trades, keeping it current. That was too awesome to turn down, so I ended up going with 2K9. After playing a few games last night I have no complaints about my choice, I think that this is the best version of baseball that 2K has put out so far, far and away better then last years version. So even if The Show is the better game, I can't imagine that it is that much better then this years 2K product is. And the updating of the rosters more then makes up for any deficiencies that 2K9 does have.

Finally, I thought that I would let you know that I have tickets to see the Cubs and Astros on Opening Day as well as the second game of the season between these two rivals! I'm very pumped about that! I promise to try and get some good pics for the blog. Also, on Thursday April 9th, I should be going to see the Detroit Tigers take on the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto, so that should be fun.

Closer to home, this Saturday I'll be seeing my first live baseball of the season as I check out the #11 TCU Horned Frogs (Go Frogs!!) hosting Wichita St.

Baseball is here my friends. (As I write this, Pat and Ron are on my speakers as the split squad Cubs are tied up with the Indians 4-4 in the 6th inning.) Baseball is here!!!!!

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