Monday, March 30, 2009


I've decided to spread out my predictions post one a day culminating with the NL Central on Opening Day.

So we'll start in the AL West.

Last season the LA Angels won the division running away, over 20 games better then the second place Texas Rangers who finished just ahead of the third place Oakland A's. The Mariners finished dead last, out of contention almost immediately.

This division will most likely be among the leagues weakest this season. I think that the Angels will once again win the division, but it will be much closer this time. The Rangers and A's will finish just a few games behind, while Seattle will once again finish far behind the rest.

Despite winning the division, I don't like the Angels going very far in the playoffs, especially since I predict that at least one AL team that misses the playoffs will actually finish with a much better record.


Los Angeles 84-78
Texas 82-80
Oakland 81-81
Seattle 71-91

Tomorrow will be the AL Central

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